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Fact-sheet hydrodynamic screw

Preconditions for using The water power worm:

Water flow: min.:   0.5 m3/ s
  max.:  10 m3 / s
Drop Height:  min.:   0.5 m
  max.:  10 m

Advantages of Water worm:

» 24 h environment-friendly energy production
» Implementation without harm to surrounding
» No pollution / noise / dust / CO2 free
» Short time return of investment
» Very friendly to all the water animals
» Simple high technology and efficiency
» High availability ( 24 h)
» Use of idle capacities

Possible Application:

1. Villages far away from the public power supply
2. Power supply for special cases, small factories, road lights

Hydrodynamic Screw

The basic principle of the Hydrodynamic Screw was invented by the Greek mathematician Archimedes. In ancient time they used the conveyor screw to bring water from lower to upper levels.

In our days we converted the same principle to produce electrical power. All what you need is a water flow and a head height. Compared with wind and solar power, our hydrodynamic screw can produce 24 h power.

Especially in remote areas and isolated villages without electrical power, far away from the public grid is the Hydrodynamic power screw an alternative to other competition devise. With low investment costs and fast installation time can the hydrodynamic power screw deliver soon your electrical power.

In the most countries the government realizes the economic benefits and the pressing environmental issues and therefore spend more attention to micro power plants and offer some special policies and benefits for investments.

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Power Calculation for your circumstances

Calculate your own yearly production output with our
"Water Power Worm".
Water flow:   m3 / s
Drop height:   meter
Power price:  USD / KWh
Operation time:



Our Offer: Turn key project

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan / Economic Calculation
  • Financing Models
  • General Layout
  • Basic Design
  • Detail Design
  • Fabrication
  • Implementation / Assembling
  • Commissioning / Training
  • Hand Over
  • After Sales Service


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