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Dalian lingfeng
October 2013 Dalian Lingfeng established a new engineering company Dalian Ents to serve our customers in a better way

September 2013 Dalian Lingfeng has built 2 Water Power Worms 43 KW in China

October 2013 Dalian Lingfeng has build a model WPW for the Dalian Maritime University

Dalian Lingfeng has a new Cooperation with the company Hochrainer in Germany

July 2014 Dalian Lingfeng is getting the Patents for the WPW in India and Indonesia

Dalian Lingfeng give training for African technicians' for Hydro Power Issues

Dalian Ents has developed a WPW (hydrodynamic screw ) with a hydraulic lifter for different water level situations (tide situation)

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Last updated:    2014-08-03
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